Show –project unique for our times based on grace, beauty, emotions and of course professional dance. Carefully chosen dancers, bright costumes, performances amazing in their diversity allow guests of any event to smile because of joy and enthusiastically applaud to the performance onstage.

Working experience in a real cabaret adds necessary drive to performances. Special pride of the collective are thematic costumes, very beautiful and expensive even by standards of famous Russian musicals. Pro-vodevil is a nice choice for celebrations where you need quickly to dip into atmosphere of joy and beauty. Brazil, kan-kan, Rock&Roll you may choose due to your taste, but it’s better not to be too modest and have it all!

Everyday rider

Backstage rider

1.1 Transport. 

To provide the artist with a transport till the place of destination:

  • Air travel – ECONOMY (and higher).
  • Rail way – passage – COUPE (and higher).

1.2 Transfer. 

Meeting of the artist must be provided with a car (passenger car, minibus) with enough free space for the luggage and an accompanying person. The artist must be delivered form his/her place of accommodation to the performance place (venue) and back. The artist must be also delivered to the airport or railway station.

1.3 Food and accommodation. 

To provide accommodation in comfortable rooms close to performance place (by agreement). Presence of the basic conveniences such as toilet, shower, TV, condition, fridge is obligatory. To provide food: at least 3 times per day (menu at the discretion of the artist).

Тechnical Rider


2.1 Music equipment

Playing out phonogram from CD or Flash drivers, sound and light equipment designed for customer’s hall and corresponding specialists (Dj, light electrician, host and so on due to the working terms and conditions of the customer’s establishment).

Program’s content and its separate moments are to be discussed in advance.

2.2 Dressing room, side scene

Dressing room must be well heated in cold months and have:

  • Mirrors and bright lightening;
  • Hangers for costumes;
  • Table, chairs and other furniture for the artist’s convenience.

Dressing room must be cleaned before the performance and it must have:

  • Napkins;
  • Still mineral water, juice, tea, coffee (in sufficient quantity at the wish of the artist)

2.3 Security of accommodation and performance

Provide security of the artist during the show and on the whole territory of the concert venue. Third persons as well as stage staff not participating in the show are not desirable to be on the stage during the concert. Guards must be present for artist’s security and calm and to maintain order onstage and side-scenes, especially in halls where lobby is connected with backstage rooms.

Guard against loss artist’s property on the concert venue and in dressing rooms during the show.

2.4. Terms of payment and other conditions

The customer bears total expenses on buying tickets, meeting the artist, accommodation, food, luggage transportation, advertising and other actions related to hold and organize artist’s show.

Agreement on upcoming concerts comes into force in the event of 50% payment of honorary (advance payment) and money transfer necessary to buy tickets (or its delivery) no less than 14 days before show (in special occasions 7 days before show) – if so agreed.

Final payment of the honorary to the artist is to be made before the show on site.

The artist (contractor) has a right to withdraw from holding a concert in case of nonfulfillment of the obligations specified in the rider by the customer.

In case of cancellation of the show due to the customer’s fault:

  • The artist reserves the right to hold on 50% payment of honorary (advance payment)
  • 100% payment of honorary (advance payment) is to be paid upon arrival to your city.

In case of cancellation of the show due to the artist’s fault (force-major) UNTILL (!) arrival to the venue, the artist returns the customer the sum equal to the paid honorary and tickets price.