About Producer center

The producer center directed by Alena Simonchik provides services on booking artists, producing and promoting musical, dancing and other art-projects both by certain directions and ready-to-operate starting with the first stages of project creation (recruiting, image development, carrying out photo shoot sessions, repertory selection, video footage record, concert program organization, promotion on the event market) up to carrying out PR-companies, making music video, concert organization and so on. We also provide services on celebration organization: selection and decoration of a place for celebration, exclusive script, professional photo and video filming, management of the event, parties organization, full technical support of the event, artists selection.

All employees in our company have special education and are top-ranked specialists who monitor news and tendencies of the event industry. Our clients’ comments are the most valuable award for our work! Our regular customers are real art lovers, many of them deem that «MovingStars» company can satisfy the most sophisticated client. We love our work for the opportunity to help people to make a reality of their heart’s desire!